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Gibb River Road
gibb river road, kimberly, the north west 

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a reliable and trusted partner

Our mission:

to consistently deliver unique experiences for our clients, provide dependable service and attention to travel agents, offer consistent support for our products and suppliers. We strive to create positive, lasting memories for our clients and build long-lasting partnerships with our supplier partners.

Our goal: 

to be a reliable and trusted partner in the travel industry, known for delivering exceptional experiences and services

As a personalised inbound travel specialist with a focus on Western Australia, WOW Australia Travel offers unrivalled expert travel advice, support, and knowledge from across the state and beyond. Our strong relationship with tourism product, trade partners, and suppliers allows us to unlock and deliver an incredible variety of extraordinary and unique Australian experiences, providing positive, lasting and, dare we say it, WOW-ing memories for our clients.

Whether you're organizing bespoke itineraries, family group tours, company rewards, incentive program, study tours, or any other special interest programs, WOW Australia Travel will curate and deliver at the highest level.  Based in Perth, we are dedicated to making your travel experience truly unforgettable

WOW australia travel is led by Andrew Oldfield, a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in the Australian tourism industry. He has a deep understanding of both the buyer and seller markets and is well-respected as an industry leader. Andrew's approach is sophisticated and hands-on, and he brings expertise in various sectors such as tourism, education, aviation, lifestyle, and leisure. He has worked in Australia, South-East Asia, India, and the Middle East and has collaborated with major tourism organizations such as Tourism Australia, Tourism Queensland, and Tourism Western Australia. Andrew's unique blend of experience and skills allows him to lead the company with a unique perspective and expertise in creating authentic and unique itineraries that showcase wow experiences. His goal is to create positive, lasting, and WOW-ing memories for clients

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