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the golden outback

discover rugged australian beauty 

the golden outback 

Nature paints an unforgettable picture in WA’s Golden Outback, which stretches from countryside to coastline. Explore one of the world’s largest outdoor art galleries, gaze at Aboriginal rock art dotting the stunning landscapes, and discover the historic Goldfields.  Mighty monolith Mount Augustus, two-and-a-half times the size of Uluru, rises majestically from the red earth, while Wave Rock, a land-locked granite monster swell, serves up sweeping views of the desert wilderness. The eye-catching colours continue in Esperance and its surroundings. Lucky Bay, which has some of the whitest beaches you’ll ever see, and kangaroos lazing on the shore. The bubblegum-pink Lake Hillier in the Recherche Archipelago contrasts the turquoise and indigo-blue hues of the Indian Ocean. Dazzling fields of wildflowers offer an unforgettable visual spectacle in late Spring.



kalgoorlie: gold rush history,  ghost towns, vast open spaces, lake ballard. menzies 

mount augustus 

esperance: lucky bay, recherche archipelago, cape le grand national park, lake hillier ( pink lake), woody island nature reserve


coastal adventures

culture & heritage

nature & wildlife

authentic outback experiences, indigenous culture & experiences, rugged coastlines, fishing, camping, wildlife encounters and wildflowers ( seasonal)


need to know:

this region is vast and expansive and needs time to explore. private touring and self drive/ road trip is available. there are long distances, quirky remote towns, fascinating characters, ancient stories and stunning natural attractions such as awe inspiring landscapes, pristine beaches 

our tips:

the region is accessible by air, road and rail ( kalgoorlie)

the best time to travel is from april to november 

visit during spring time ( sept-nov) for the prolific wildflower displays 

It is the perfect destination for adventure seekers and transformational travellers


Kalgoorlie / Boulder

located on the edge of a desert. the summer months get quite hot, while winter days can be sunny and bright, but with very cold evenings and some rain.

Summer (Dec to Feb) 

Warm balmy evenings, and hot, dry days, with very little rainfall. February is the warmest month.

autumn (Mar – May)

autumn experiences warm, sunny days and cool nights.

Winter (June – August)
Winters are mild and sunny during the day and very cold at night.

Spring (September – November)
spring nights are cold and the days are sunny with little rainfall.


With a temperate climate, it is typically cool, summers are pleasantly warm. in winter the coast is affected by storms, which bring much  rainfall.

Summer (December to February) 

Mild, dry and windy

Autumn (March – May)

Warm, sunny and calm days – perfect beach weather.

Winter (June – August)
Winters are usually cold, wet, and stormy.

Spring (September – November)

During spring, the days are warm and sunny. There is little rainfall.

getting there:


Kalgoorlie can be accessed by road, rail and air.

A self-drive road trip is an ideal way to visit Kalgoorlie and the goldfields.

Perth to Kalgoorlie 6.5 hrs (593 km)

camper vans are ideal for those independent travellers wishing to see the region at a slower pace. 


from Perth are serviced daily by both Qantas and Virgin Australia.


The Prospector train departs daily from East Perth Station.



Esperance is accessible from many of the drive routes from perth 

perth to esperance 7.5 hrs ( 700km) 


Transwa operates regular coach services from perth and albany to esperance 


Regional Express has daily flights from Perth.

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