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the coral coast 

where the outback meets the ocean 
the coral coast:

stretches from Cervantes to Exmouth. It begins two hours north of Perth and stretches for 1,250 km along the coastline, offering a wide range of natural and historical attractions. The region is known for its beautiful swimming bays, fascinating wildlife, and rugged landscapes. Visitors can discover thousands of years of history and visit uninterrupted stretches of white sandy beaches, magnificent 400 million year old gorges, stunning carpets of colorful wildflowers, and untouched coral reefs teeming with marine life.

Some of the most popular attractions on the Coral Coast include the Pinnacles, Kalbarri National Park, Shark Bay World Heritage Area, where you can meet the famous wild dolphins of Monkey Mia, Carnarvon, Exmouth and the mesmerizing Ningaloo Reef, where you can swim with gentle whale sharks. The Coral Coast is truly an incredible corner of the Earth, and offers a unique blend of natural beauty, marine life, and history that make it a must-visit destination for tourists



indian ocean drive:  cervantes, jurien bay, dongara

coral coast highway: geraldton, kalbarri, carnarvon, shark bay, coral bay, exmouth 


coastal adventures

nature & wildlife

culture & heritage

authentic outback experiences, indigenous experiences, wildflowers, rugged coastlines, fishing, camping, wildlife encounters 


need to know:

this region is great for those that want to do a self drive/ road trip vacation. There are long distances, quirky remote towns, fascinating characters and stunning natural attractions such as awe inspiring gorges and pristine isolated beaches.  

geraldton, shark bay, carnarvon and exmouth are all serviced by domestic airlines


our tips:

the coral coast can be broken into two sections; 

the indian ocean drive is an easy drive from perth and can be done as a day trip. 

the coral coast highway is 7 day + adventure, it can be done as a fly/drive trip if desired. 

the coral coast is a perfect destination for the intrepid, adventure seekers, road trippers and nature lovers 


the coral coast enjoys a warm climate all year round. the southern region from cervantes to carnarvon experiences a mediterranean climate, while the northern region from coral bay to exmouth enjoys a subtropical climate.

Summer (Dec to Feb) 

hot and dry and very little rainfall. february is the warmest month. It is not uncommon for the coral coast to be affected by cyclones during the summer period.

Autumn (Mar – May)

during autumn, the region experiences warm, sunny days and balmy nights. 

Winter (Jun – Aug)
winters are mild and sunny, with occasional storms and a perfect time to explore.

Spring (Sep – Nov)
during spring, the days are warm and sunny and there is little rainfall. this is the peak time for wildflower season. 

getting there:

The coral coast is perfect road trip/ self drive destination. It is a vast destination with long distances. 


all times are ex-perth 

the pinnacles 2.5 hrs (200km) 

geraldton  4.5 hrs (415 km) 

kalbarri 6 hrs  (577 km)

shark bay  8.5 hrs (840 km)

carnarvon  9 hrs (905 km)

coral bay 11.5 hrs (1,132 km)

exmouth  13 hrs (1,260 km)


domestic flights are from perth

qantaslink ( flies to geraldton and exmouth (learmonth)

regional express ( flies to monkey mia (shark bay) and carnarvon

flight schedules change regularly so be sure to visit your aviation partner’s website for current flight information.

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